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Steinstossen, Schnitzel, and Pineapple Upside Down Cake

It’s Sunday evening and I am not hungry for dinner.  My belly is sufficiently full of schnitzel, potato pancakes, and Molasses cookies.  We headed up to Oregon, OH for the German American Festival this afternoon and were rewarded with the smell of sausages and sauerkraut as we turned into the parking lot.  Mostly this festival is an excuse to eat delicious fried food and drink authentic German beer, but they did have a few interesting events…my favorite being the Steinstossen, or stone throwing contest.  For the men’s competition, the guys had to throw a 138 lb stone…or would that be a rock?  A boulder?  Hmmm.  The farthest we saw someone through was 12.5 feet.  Granted, he was like seven feet tall, but still no small feat.  The ladies had to throw a 75 lb stone.  The record when we left was over nine feet!  I picked up some good tips on form and technique and I am ready to try it out myself next year!

Hanging out with the Germans wasn’t the only fun thing we did this weekend, we also had dinner with our new friends, the Ryan family. We supplied the dessert and in true Brynn fashion it was homemade.  I started out with a simple pineapple upside-down cake, but I wasn’t satisfied.  It may have been the fact that the only round platter/cake plate I have is substantially larger than your typical 9 inch cake, therefore making my cake look pretty puny.  

I needed an accompaniment and what goes better with cake than ice cream.  So…I whipped out my friend Joy (Joy of Cooking, that is) and found her recipe for Vanilla Frozen Yogurt.  Four simple ingredients: plain low-fat yogurt, sugar, whole milk, and gelatin.  

I whipped it up and poured it in my ice cream attachment for the Kitchenaid and we were in business.  When it was still soft out of the machine it tasted a bit like frozen Cool Whip, but as it hardened it morphed into true frozen yogurt.  Yum yum!


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Favorite Photo Friday

I am beginning to think it is fall despite the fact that I just about sweat to death when I went for a jog today.  I have been collecting inspiration for autumn mantels as this is the first time EVER I have had a mantel.  I have never been the type to decorate for the seasons…well, maybe a mini christmas tree in the corner, but never corn stalks, pumpkins, gourds, wheat, etc.  I want to…I want to really bad!

For the last four years I’ve lived in a state that didn’t have fall.  Needless to say I am psyched to see the leaves change.  In honor of that I bring you two of my favorite fall photos:

This one I took in Frederick, MD back in 2004 when I was a nanny.  This was one of about thirty pictures I took of these beautiful leaves.

Some of you may have seen this photo before.  It is one of my favorite places, right along Rt. 15 near the border of Maryland and Pennsylvania.  I drove by this barn every time I went back home to my parents’ house when I lived in Maryland and Virginia.  Every time I drove by I suppressed the urge to jump out of the car and take a picture.  Last November when we were back in the area for a wedding Jonathan pulled over and I hopped out and finally got my picture.  It was during this trip I realized I hadn’t seen fall in three years and that I truly missed the changing of the seasons.  I am thrilled to be in Ohio where we are guaranteed the weather will get colder.

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A Day at the Beach…in Ohio

Since the weather in Northwest Ohio has been hotter and crappier than Gainesville, FL for the last week, we decided to find respit in some water.  Lucky for us, there just happens to be a gigantic lake near us. You might have heard of it…Lake Erie?  Ring a bell?

We packed up towels, chairs, books and sunscreen and headed 25 miles north to Maumee Bay State Park. So…on the map we were almost on the western tip of the lake.  See Toledo?  See Oregon?  Maumee Bay State Park is in Oregon.  

It was really nice there.  Lots of families picnicking, having family reunions, camping, etc.  There are two places to swim: in Lake Erie, or an “inland lake” formed from the Maumee River (I think).  We wanted the full experience and chose the Great lake.  We sat in in the sun inches from the lake for about 15 minutes before the sweat  became too unbearable for me.  Into the water we went.  It was a little warm, but still refreshing.  It was really great for people watching too.  A dad playing wiffle ball in the water with his kids captured our attention for a good twenty minutes.  Adorable!

All in all, a good afternoon.  As you can see from a lack of photos, I was having too much fun to remember to take out my camera and snap a few shots.  We will return, so I’ll get some photos next time.

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Sunshine and Daisies

So I finally got my craft room organized enough to actually be productive in it.  The downstairs bathroom and guest room needed artwork and I just happened to have come canvases that I couldn’t stand anymore.

1/2 bath

This one was inspired by a painting I saw on Color Splash by David Bromstad


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Fresh Raspberries

Today Jonathan and I went Raspberry picking in Haskins at Pullins Raspberries.  They had acres of black and red raspberry brambles.   It didn’t take too long to pick just shy of three pounds of berries.  My personal favorites are the slightly overripe red raspberries.  Yum!  We’re still deciding what to do with them, but I am leaning towards raspberry sorbet.  I’ll let you know!


I would be a bad wife if I didn’t take the time to also tell you about Jonathan’s garden.  He worked all afternoon yesterday and planted cucumbers, tomatoes, a crookneck squash plant, and an eggplant.  Hopefully by the end of summer we’ll enjoy the fruits of his labor.


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