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Simpson Garden Park

Two weekends ago Jonathan and I went to explore a little botanical garden we pass on an almost daily basis, Simpson Garden Park.  It is about a three minute drive from our house.  They had nice paths through acres of garden and open space.  The weather was gorgeous, and while I have to admit I waddled for most of the time, it was nice walk.  Here are some photo highlights:I can’t really even pretend to tell you what types of plants these are.  Gardens and flowers aren’t really my strong suit…but they sure are pretty!

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I was spoiled…

Lately I’ve been realizing that I was spoiled for the four years we lived in Florida.  I look around now at Facebook and in blog-land and see pictures of something we’re missing here in Ohio.  The beach.  While we didn’t go to the beach that often when we lived in the Sunshine State, the option was there…about 1.5-2 hours away. We could take a day trip to St. Augustine, one of my favorite places, and just soak in the beauty.  It is strange…there were many times when Jonathan wanted to go to the beach and my response was, “It’s too hot”…”You’re going to be fishing, what will I do?”…”It’s kinda boring.”  Can you believe that?!?  Now I see a photo of a friend at the beach and I long for it.  You always want what you can’t have!  So, in honor of my beach craving, I present some of my favorite beach photos…

Cape Cod, Massachusetts 2004

Waikiki Beach, Hawaii 2008

Vilano Beach, Florida 2010

Somewhere on Oahu, Hawaii 2008

Vilano Beach, Florida 2009

Cozumel, Mexico 2011

Vilano Beach, Florida 2009
(one of my first and favorite pictures of my niece Lily)


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Apple Pickin’ Fools

It’s apple pickin’ time.  We bundled up in our BGSU finest this morning and drove out the MacQueen’s Orchard in Holland, OH. On the way we stopped at Tim Hortons.  This was our first visit there, and for those of you who didn’t know (like me) Tim Hortons seems to be a higher quality Dunkin Donuts. Jonathan says the coffee is better and our bagels were wonderful!  I got hot apple cider with mine.  Though it was clearly from a mix, I enjoyed it and it filled the car with yummy “appley” smells.

Once we got to the orchard and spoke with the nice folks there, we decided to pick a half-bushel of Jonathan apples and a half-bushel of Ida Reds.  Despite the foggy damp morning, the orchard was beautiful and I only stopped taking pictures to pop a few apples of the trees.

The Red Delicious apples were gorgeous, but we don’t find them as delicious as the name implies

My dad says I need an apple picker.  Who needs an apple picker when you are amost six feet tall and have hands

Half a bushel of Ida Reds

I was slightly obsessed with the fact that everything had droplets of water on them. So pretty!

Imagine that, Jonathan’s favorite apple is the Jonathan.

Look closely.  Yes, his mouth is full.  Yes, he’s eating an apple.  No, it wasn’t his first, second, or third. Yes, he taste-tested all the apple varieties.

Apple picking was a fun way to enjoy our morning.  After loading our bushel into the car and having it inspected (no apple thieves here…except maybe the few Jonathan ate), we went into the market.  The smells made us wish we hadn’t stopped at Tim Hortons!  There were some amazing looking baked goods there!  There were also mini-pumpkins and gourds, which we promptly bought.  They are now part of my on-going effort to Fall-ify the house.  More on that later…

Last but not least, amidst the shots of apples and us, I snapped a pretty little picture of a stick.  Yes, a stick.  But it’s a stick with a rain drop…and I thought it was cool.  So there!

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Favorite Photo Friday…Two

I know I missed last Friday, but I have about 25 minutes before we leave for the airport to start our vacation so I am bound and determined not to miss this Friday! The cruise can wait…the blog cannot.

Anyway, for my photos today, I chose two that I took in St. Augustine on our one year wedding anniversary. They were both taken outside of the Bed and Breakfast we stayed in. Enjoy!

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Favorite Photo Friday

So, I decided to do a photography post every Friday to force me to dig through my photos.  Enjoy!!

 Six years ago I took a trip out west to visit my friend Christy in Idaho.  We took many road trips and one was a two day adventure in Yellowstone National Park.  I was drawn to all the stark looking trees in the park.

I stared at this tree for two years before actually taking a picture of it.  It is located outside of my former classroom at P.K. Yonge.  I absolutely loved the texture!


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Back to the place it all began…

Before we packed up and headed for Ohio, we took one last trip to St. Augustine to have lunch at A1A.  For four years we’ve been going St. Augustine and two years ago it is where we got married.  In all those years, the Bridge of Lions has been under construction.  Finally, the bridge is back up and running and the lions returned to their perch.  We couldn’t help but document the day.



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