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The Fall-ification of a House

So, I have hinted around that I was attempting to decorate for the season.  Over the last month or so I’ve slowly added fall touches to the house.  I thought I would share them with you.  As always, I tried my best to spend as little money as possible, even if it meant “recycle bin diving” at the local recycle center.  Of course, being me, I asked permission first!

We’ll start with the front door.  The front porch isn’t looking fallish yet due to the lack of pumpkins.  Hopefully we will get some soon and I can complete the front of the house.  Anyhow…the front door.  I wanted to make a wreath.  I have been checking out fall wreaths online and found one I liked over at HomeStoriesAtoZ so I thought I’d give it a whirl but keep it simple.

I found the wreath at Goodwill covered in awful fake flowers. I ripped them off and was left with a simple grapevine wreath.

I made the flowers from felt and fleece.  My Hobby Lobby didn’t have a great selection of felt colors, so I checked out the fleece and picked up the orange and gold.

Aren’t they cute?

Right inside the front door is my little refinished pedestal table.   I think this is now my Goodwill spot…the table is Goodwill, along with the little crate and wreath ($0.50 each).  I added a little jute frame I already had and filled it with the first colorful leaf from our yard.

Who knows how long the leaf will stay colorful.  First I tried ironing it between wax paper.  While that was ok in elementary school, I wasn’t cool with the look.  So, I removed the leaf from the wax paper and simply ironed it between fabric to completely dry it out.  It’s been about two weeks, so I think I may have found a good method!  Finally, I added a delicious smelling Apple Cider votive to complete the vignette.  ( I am silently chastising myself for the use of the word vignette but I guess if the word fits, use it).

Next up, the mantel…

This was a conglomeration of things.  I am finding this is how many people decorate for fall.  They look around their house for anything fall-like and go with it.  So…

I made the ceramic canister back in college and though the ochre glaze and red clay worked well.  I loved the idea of glass bottles (thanks recycling center) wrapped with twine, so I went with it.  First I tried the glass cutting technique of wrapping a nail-polish-remover-soaked string around it and lighting it on fire.  It sounds way more dramatic that it actually was.  I couldn’t get it to work, so I stuck with the whole bottle and opted to wrap them in different ways.

The little white “barrels” are doctored up cardboard canisters from the pantry.  I really wanted some twigs or wheat to put in them, but I couldn’t get the nerve to walk up to someone’s brush pile and snag some.  I think I’ll have to plan a nature walk and take some from the woods.  We shall see…

Next up, squishy pumpkins.  I am still not sure how I feel about them, but they are kind of cute.  I saw the idea over at Bungalow.  I tea stained some flour sack cloths that I pilfered from a closet in my old school building that was being torn down.  Of course I had permission to pilfer…

Finally, the last fall project was a little raised dish of pumpkins for a centerpiece.  I am not satisfied with it as a centerpiece, so I may switch it out for a wooden pumpkin I got for zip zilch nada at Kohls with my $10 off coupon.  Anyway, it’s on the table now, so I ought to show you…

The dish is a little glass bowl I glued to a candlestick…courtesy of Goodwill for $0.75.  The pumpkins were an ugly fake orange, so I spray painted them cream and aged them a bit with watered down brown paint.  The original stem was lovely green plastic, so I ripped it out and hot glued some mulch in its place.

I L-O-V-E the pumpkins, I am just not crazy about the whole thing as a centerpiece.  I threw in some extra felt flowers from the wreath project, but that’s not cutting it.  Hopefully when I go out on my stick finding mission, I can collect some acorns to fill the bowl.

The grand total for all of my projects was less than $10, with the most expensive thing being the wreath at Goodwill for $3…still cheaper than one from the craft store.  While I know I am not finished with my fall decor, I’m good for now.  I don’t have anything else around the house to utilize, and there is no fund for crafts in our We-Just-Moved-And-Bought-A-House-Budget.  So, until nature hands me some more inspiration I’m on pause.


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