A Day at the Beach…in Ohio

24 Jul

Since the weather in Northwest Ohio has been hotter and crappier than Gainesville, FL for the last week, we decided to find respit in some water.  Lucky for us, there just happens to be a gigantic lake near us. You might have heard of it…Lake Erie?  Ring a bell?

We packed up towels, chairs, books and sunscreen and headed 25 miles north to Maumee Bay State Park. So…on the map we were almost on the western tip of the lake.  See Toledo?  See Oregon?  Maumee Bay State Park is in Oregon.  

It was really nice there.  Lots of families picnicking, having family reunions, camping, etc.  There are two places to swim: in Lake Erie, or an “inland lake” formed from the Maumee River (I think).  We wanted the full experience and chose the Great lake.  We sat in in the sun inches from the lake for about 15 minutes before the sweat  became too unbearable for me.  Into the water we went.  It was a little warm, but still refreshing.  It was really great for people watching too.  A dad playing wiffle ball in the water with his kids captured our attention for a good twenty minutes.  Adorable!

All in all, a good afternoon.  As you can see from a lack of photos, I was having too much fun to remember to take out my camera and snap a few shots.  We will return, so I’ll get some photos next time.

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